Beepboop’s mission is to expand economic opportunities for over one billion people through language learning.

This monthly newsletter details our progress creating a future where every language teacher depends on Beepboop’s innovations to create dynamic learning environments that empower students to confidently speak a new language.

Learning languages in groups and classroom settings has been ineffective for too long. Beepboop is fixing that!

Beepboop for Business:

For US-based companies wanting to recruit, retain, and reskill the 25 million non-English speakers in the US, Beepboop provides on-demand group English language-learning classes, where live instructors guide students through exciting "hot potato-like" speaking exercises which were originally pioneered at Dartmouth and are proven to be 40% more effective than traditional methods.

Start Speaking in Beepboop’s Language Drills:

Join our live Spanish and English Drills. They’re running all morning, day and night and are free!

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Devon Saliga
Co-Founder & CEO at Beepboop | Healthcare & Higher Education Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs | Finance & Strategy at Maven Clinic | Japanese, Language Teaching Pedagogy & Econ at Dartmouth College
Beepboop Employee