Role-play strategy announced at Techstars Demo Day. New team member trained at Dartmouth. Pitch at J.P. Morgan in NYC.

December 2022

LOI. Accreditation. JPM Pitch. Financials.
More under the hood support for organizations. UX improvements

November 2022

This is turning into something beautiful. Thank you!
Repositioning as a role-playing platform. Need feedback ASAP. Demo Day 12/8.
Demo Day on Dec 8th. Health equity org launched. Know any police officers?
Big UI changes. Under the hood support for organizations.
Med School Pilot. Customer Discovery. B2C is strong!

October 2022

A $120k investment from Techstars. The BeepBOAT. Funnel fixation.

September 2022

More $ for top teachers. 600% increase in daily student feedback. Two brilliant new teammates.

August 2022

Code-splitting for Fast Loading. Rich Data for Funnel Analysis.

July 2022

$100K Google Investment. B2B English Launch. Goldman Sachs' Spotlight.